Your weight on other planets

With this calculator you can find out how much you weigh on the different planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus in addition to Pluto, Moon and Sun.

How to use it?

Enter your weight in kg on planet Earth and press "Calculate", the answers will be displayed below.

Planet DiameterMasse Din vekt på denne planeten
Merkur 4,880 km3.30e23 kg
Venus 12,103.6 km4.869e24 kg
Månen 3476 km7.35e22 kg
Mars 6,794 km6.4219e23 kg
Jupiter 142,984 km1.900e27 kg
Saturn 120,536 km5.68e26 kg
Uranus 51,118 km8.683e25 kg
Neptun 49,532 km1.0247e26 kg
Pluto 2274 km1.27e22 kg
Solen 1,390,0001.989e30 kg

About weight on other planets


How much you weigh depends on the mass, the mass of the planet and how far you are from the center of the planet.

Since the different planets in our solar system have different sizes, you will weigh less or more, depending on the planet you are on.

Technically speaking, not the Sun and Moon are planets. In addition, it has been agreed that Pluto is no longer considered a planet.

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