HTML Entities converter

Occasionally letters and characters such as the English alphabet (az) may appear strange in your browser. There may be several reasons for this, including how your browser interprets the sign and where in the world you are. By converting the letters into HTML language, your browser knows how the character you want to display appears and shows the correct characters. So, wondering how to write 時 掌烂 天下 or other strange characters can this tool help you.

The tool below converts only necessary characters that usually cause problems (characters and letters except a to z). If you want to convert absolutely ALL characters, try the Full HTML entity converter.

How to use it?

Paste your letters and / or symbols into the first text box, click the "Convert" button and you will get the correct HTML text ready to paste into your HTML document. Each entity starts with the & (and-character) and ends with ; (semicolon).

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