HTML table generator

This tool below helps you generate "tables" by specifying certain attributes such as columns, rows, border size, etc. When you press "Generate table", the script will automatically generate the HTML code for you.

How to use it?

Enter desired values in the fields below, Press "Generate Table" and the HTML code will appear in the field below. Note that it may take some time depending on the number of columns and rows you want generated.

Enter desired preferences:

Number of columns:
Number of rows:
Border size:
Table width (in pixels or %):
Border color:
Background color:

Note: Your pop-up blocker may prevent the preview feature from functioning. You may need to configure it to allow pop uper for this site.

How to use the Table Generator step by step:

  1. # of columns: Enter the number of columns (which crosses)
  2. # of rows: Enter the number of rows (which go down)
  3. Edge Size :. Enter "0" for invisible border
  4. Width of table: Enter a pixel number (for example 400) or a percentage (80%) .
  5. Frame color: Type color name (for example, "red") or you can enter the HEX color .
  6. Background color: Type color name (for example, "red") or you can enter the HEX color .
  7. Select "Generate Code" to display the code in the box. Copy and paste the code into your page.
  8. The "Preview" button lets you preview the code in a new window so you can see how the table will look.
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