Percent decrease

Do not you remember the formula to calculate percentage decline from one number to another? Our percentage decline calculator helps you find the answer.

How to use it?

Enter the original value and then the number that indicates new value. The answer will appear in the result field. Feel free to take a look at calculation formulas and examples below the calculator.

Percent Decrease Calculator

How to figure out percentage decline?

When a quantity shrinks (becomes smaller), then we can calculate percent decline:

Percentage decrease = (original amount - new amount) / Initial amount * 100

When a quantity grows, then we can calculate percent increase:

Percentage Increase = (new amount - original amount) / Initial amount * 100

Both formulas have the following pattern:

Per cent increase / decrease = Change in amount / Original amount * 100

Example 1:

Question: An amount decreased from 90 to 75. How many percent reduction is this?

Solution: What is the original amount? Answer: 90 (This will be the denominator)

Percentage decrease = (90-75) / 90 * 100 = 16.67%

Example 2:

Question: A price rose from USD 5, - to USD 7, -. How many percent increase is this?

Solution: What was the original price? Answer: USD 5, - (This will be the denominator)

Per cent increase = (7-5) / 5 * 100 = 40%

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