Decibel calculator

This calculator allows you to calculate the total decibel from two or more audio devices.

How to use it?

To use the calculator, enter the decibel level from the audio device number 1 in the first field and then decibel level from the audio device number 2 in the second, press calculus and you get the total decibels.

If you have more than 2 audio sources, you can use the "Copy result to the first field" button, then you can add the decibel level from the third device in the second field, then press "calculate" again to calculate the decibel level from all devices. If you have even more audio sources, repeat this until you've added all your devices.

The frequency of the sources must be more or less equal or corrected in accordance with dB (A) or dB (C). Corrections are usually made automatically.

Answer: The sound level of the combined sound is 0 dB.
Info: The result 0 dB was calculated from 50 dB and 60.4 dB, which was copied to the first field. Now add the decibel level from the next device in field number two and press "calculator" to find the decibel level of all devices.

About Decibel

Decibel is a dimensionless unit of measure and is indicated as dB. And dB is a tenth of Bel.

The unit of measurement Bel describes the (base 10) logarithmic value of a ratio between two sizes of the same dimension. The relationship can be described as W2 / W1, where the value of W2 is the actual measurement value that interests us and W1 serves as a fixed reference. The dB is ten times greater than the Bel number.

Decibel is a convenience measurement unit; It is practical but not necessary. It is not occupied in the SI system.

Initially, the device Bel was introduced to obtain a logarithmic target of electrical energy or power levels in the telephone technology. The logarithmic target Bel is convenient for reducing the span width of the numerical values and the number of digits for the measured values specified. Above all, it is convenient to add dB values instead of multiplying linear values, as the logarithmic target allows.

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