Capitalize sentences

This tool capitalizes sentences - The script can make the first letter in a sentence the capital letter (if it is not before). For example, does anyone have any sections where the sentences are not capitalized, by using this tool you can save yourself a lot of work.

It can also correct text in which all the letters in your text are written in uppercase letters. If you have a larger text written in just uppercase letters, paste it in, press the Convert key, and the script will quickly and easily convert it to the desired format.

You can also use it to change the first letter of each word in a sentence to capital letters (Often used in headings), although this feature is probably not as popular as the other conversion methods.

This text tool requires your browser to have javascript enabled to work.

How to use it?

Paste your text into the box below and tap Capitalize. The result will appear in the bottom box.

Formatted text with proper use of capital letters

Select and copy your text from the box below.

Web developers

If you are a web developer, it may be good to get into CSS coding to easily change the appearance of a text on your page. CSS coding only changes the look of the text of your browser, it does not format the text itself, so if you copy it to another place, it will retain its original format.

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