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This is a tool that counts the number of characters and letters text. For example, this tool may be useful if you want to know how many letters are in the Twitter message or in your Facebook status update.

How to use it?

Type or paste the required text into the box below, the tool will count the letters.

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Utilizing your text

Like any other social networking community, Facebook has length of time when it comes to text written in some areas. For example, a private message on Facebook is used to send an email. Private messages can either be in the form of an instant message (chat), or a regular message (email). When using instant messaging (chat), there is a 500 character limit, while regular messages have a 2500 character limit.

Your status update is another restricted area. The limit for a status was 420 characters, but is reportedly raised to 60,000 characters, but in practice, the browser can freeze if you try to write or paste such a long text ... so be sure to backup in advance!

Facebook wallpapers also have a 420-character limit, so if you want to write on someone's wall, you can only have 420 characters before the limit is reached.

An area on Facebook that is not used as much is Notes. Facebook Notes is a written area that many bloggers find useful. The reason is because Facebook Notes has no restriction. Since it does not seem, many think it's easier to write down their thoughts and share it with their friends in that way by tagging them.

Many people load and post new pictures every day. Unfortunately, when commenting on these pictures, there is also a limit of 420 characters. When uploading the image, you can create a description of the image, but as in most other places on facebook, it can also contain only 420 characters.

Facebook's character limit:

  • Instant messaging (chat): 500
  • Regular message: 2500
  • Status: 420, but increased to theoretical 60,000 characters, but this can cause browser problems if it is too long (depends on your browser and computer)
  • Wall inserts: 420
  • Photo comments: 420
  • mage descriptions: 420

When space has something to say

Whether it's Twitter, Facebook, Yelp or just a write to employees, words and words count something to say. But even more importantly, word counting or the actual number of words is important. What you say may not be as important as how you say it, that is, how many characters you use.

Most worry about word count, but in today's new media count each letter and this touches each character in a text. For example, one of the most famous social media has a 120 character limit.

This is just to show you an example of a text with 120 characters, so that's all the space you have at your disposal.

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