Morse code translator

This Morse code translator allows you to type or copy a text and get it converted to Morse code with the characters "." and "-". Convert your name, big or small sentences in a sweep. This tool does the job for you.

How to use it?

First, choose whether to convert to or from Morse code. Do you want to convert to Morse code? Type or copy the text you want to convert into the top box and press "Translate to Morse code". If you want to convert from Morse code, type or copy the text you want to convert into the box below the line, then press "Translate to letters".

From text to Morse code

Type or copy the text you want to convert in Morse:

From Morse to text

Enter the Morse code by using. (dot) for dot and - (dash) for dash. Separate each morse code with spaces. Separate each Morse code word with two or three spaces.


The Morse alphabet is common to all languages with the Latin alphabet in the letters A-Z and the numbers 0-9.

Letter Morse Letter Morse Letter Morse Letter Morse signs Morse Div Morse
A .- J .--- T - 1 .---- . .-.-.- start -.-.-
B -... K -.- U ..- 2 ..--- , --..-- stop .-.-.
C -.-. L .-.. V ...- 3 ...-- : ---... correction ........
D -.. M -- W .-- 4 ....- ? ..--.. understood ...-.
E . N -. X -..- 5 ..... - -....- end ...-.-
C,É ..-.. O --- Y -.-- 6 -.... = -...- wait .-...
F ..-. P .--. Z --.. 7 --... / -..-. S.O.S. ...---...
G --. Q --.- Æ .-.- 8 ---.. ( -.--. ! ..--.
H .... R .-.     9 ----. ) -.--.- @ .--.-.
I .. S ...     0 ----- + .-.    

Introduction to Morse code

The Morse alphabet is a code system, for example, the code or the signals can be sent as radio signals, audio signals, or light flashes. Each character consists of a series of long or short signals where the long (strings) are three times as long as the short (points). The distance between each signal should ideally be equal to one point. The distance between each character equals three points and the distance between each word group equals seven points.

Each character (letter or number) is thus represented by a unique sequence of dots and lines. The duration of a hyphen is three times the duration of a dot. Each dot or dash is followed by a short break, equal to the duration of a dot. The letters in a word are separated by a space corresponding to three dots (one hyphen), and two words are separated by a space equal to seven points. The duration of a dot is the basis for the time measurement in code transfer. For efficiency, the length of each character this morning is based on how frequently used the letter is in the English language. Therefore, the most common letter in English, the letter E, the shortest code, a single dot.

Morse code

Morse is nowadays most popular with amateur radio operators, although licensing is no longer required in most countries, including the United States. Pilots and pilots usually only need a superficial understanding. Aviation navigation aids, such as VORs and NDBs, use mother code. Compared to voice, morse is less sensitive to poor signal conditions, yet understandable to people without decoding unit. Morse is therefore a useful alternative to synthetic speech to send automated data for skilled listeners on voice channels. Many amateur radio stations identify this morning, even if they are used for voice communications.

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