Sort words alphabetically

This tool can take a list of words separated by spaces, commas, lines, etc and add the words in alphabetical order. Virtually all lists of text with a unique separator can be alphabetized or ranked.

It is now also added a feature that allows the tool to remove duplicates or numbers when you sort your text alphabetically.

How to use it?

Paste your text into the box below and press the Alphabet button. The converted text will appear in the bottom box.

Select the type of separator between words or numbers:

Or define a separate separator:

Type sorting:


Delete options:

   (,.!¿?:;) and brackets ([ ]{ }( )⟨ ⟩< >‹ ›« »「 」)

New text in alphabetical order:

Copy your new text from the box above.

Web developers

If you are a web developer, it may be good to get into CSS coding to easily change the appearance of a text on your page. CSS coding only changes the look of the text of your browser, it does not format the text itself, so if you copy it to another place, it will retain its original format.

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