UPPERCASE to lowercase text converter

With this tool you can easily redo a bunch of large BLOCK BOXES to lowercase letters. To be honest, I do not use this text tool very often, but you may have other needs :).

If you are a webmaster and write HTML language, this may be done in simpler ways, such as CSS coding. Take a look further down the page for an introduction to this.

How to use it?

Paste the text into the box below and click the "Convert Text" button. The new text will be visible in the box below which you glued your text into.

The new text finished converted

Copy your converted text from the box below.

CSS coding

So how can it be made easier by using CSS coding? By simple steps you can tell the browser how to display text regardless of whether it is written in BIG or small letters.

HTML and CSS code below ...

... will look like this:


here is a short sentence written.

Here Is A Short Sentence Written.

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