Word frequency counter

This tool lets you tell words and and see the frequency of the words that are used. The tool counts the words, how many times they are used and show you this clearly and easily.

In addition to counting words, the tool can be used to indicate the frequency of "keywords" in text that is good for optimizing your webpage.

You can use the tool for any kind of text, from pdf, word, web pages or any other type of document where you can copy the text and paste it into the box below.

The latest versions of Microsoft Word has this feature built-in, but for those who do not have it, we can help you!

How to use it?

Copy the desired text and paste it into the box below. Press "Tell the words" and the result appears under the box.

Word analysis tool

The words count report will appear below.

What are common words?

Common words are words used frequently, such as "for, they, you, and, so, all, we, oh, etc. You can choose to exclude frequent words from the word count.

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