This stopwatch does not just take time but it saves your lap times and shows you total time spent. The stopwatch is useful for all purposes where you want to measure how long a thing takes and if you want to compare with earlier times.

How to use it?

Press the "Start / Stop" button to start the stopwatch. When you press the same button again, the time will stop and the lap time will be displayed. Press Start again to start a new lap time. And restart if you want to delete all times.


Round #Total timeThis round

What is a stopwatch?


A stopwatch is a clock that measures the time from being started until it stops. The stopwatch can be built in another clock or be independent as the analog clock shown to the right.

Stopwatches are widely used in sports such as sprint or alpine. Traditionally, analogue stopwatches were used, but today, they are usually digital. Our stopwatch is digital.

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