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This wind speed converter can convert six different wind speed units at one time. Convert to and from meters per second, kilometers per hour, knots, miles per hour, feet per second, meters per minute, foot per minute, and to Beaufort.

Beaufort's unit is calculated from a range of wind speeds, measured at a height of 10 meters above the ground, in an open environment. It is an estimated value and the other units can not be calculated from this. Generally, all wind speeds greater than 11 in Beaufort's scale are grouped together to 12. The scale is most commonly used in maritime similarities and is divided into 12 values, as shown in the Beaufort scale below the converter. Our calculator, however, converts up to 15 values, based on wind power. Either way, the stronger the wind is in the Beafort scale, the stronger is the wind. All results are rounded to five digits.

How to use it?

Enter the wind speed you want to convert to in the value box the device belongs to. Click on the converter button and the other results are displayed right away in the respective fields. Use the "restart" button to restart.

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Beaufort's scale

Beaufort's scale is a scale and measurement unit used to measure and express wind power. It was developed and named after the English admirer Sir Francis Beaufort in the early 19th century. The idea was to define the wind force based on the necessary sailing on full-rigged naval craft (man of war) which was the most common ship type in the British Navy at that time.

Beaufort Average miles per hour Average km per hour knots Circumstances
 0 0 0-1 The smoke rises straight up and the sea is glassy or mirror-smooth.
1.2-3 2.5 3.1 Smoke moves a bit with wind and indicates the direction of the wind.
(small breeze)
3.7 - 7.5 6 - 12 6.4 You can feel the wind in your face and hear the light motion of leaves on trees and shrubs.
(light breeze)
8 - 12.5 13 - 20 7.10 Smoke will move horizontally and small branches begin to sway. The wind extends a light flag.
(moderate breeze)
13 - 18.6 21 - 30 11-16 Loose dust or sand on the ground will move on and bigger branches will sway, loose paper will blow around and fairly frequent foam peaks will occur.
(deadline breeze)
19.3 - 25 31 - 40 17-21 Surf waves form on the water and small trees sway.
(strong breeze)
25.5 - 31 41 - 50 22-27 The trees begin to bend with the power of the wind and cause piping on telephone lines and the water starts to splash off the waves on the ocean surface.
(little bullet)
32 - 38 51-61 28-33 Large trees sway.
(moderate breeze)
39 - 46 62-74 34-40 Twigs break from trees, and long strips of foam appear on the ocean.
(rigid bullet)
47 - 55 75-89 41-47 Branches crush the trees.
(small storm) 
56 - 64 90-103 48-55 Trees are torn with the root and have a foamy white look.
65 - 74 104-119 56-63 Extensive injuries.
12 (hurricane) 75+ 120+ 64 + Structural injuries on land and intense storm waves at sea.
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