Ideal Weight Calculator

Many of us have the right weight in relation to our height without being aware of it. But what is your ideal weight? Or what weight should you aim to achieve? You can easily find out with our Ideal Weight Calculator.

How to use it?

All you have to do is type in your height and choose body type (find your body type in the table below), press Calculate and the ideal weight calculator will find the answer for you.

foot (feet) inches
Body type Find your body type in the table below.

This is your calculated ideal weight scale
Desired weight

Find your body type

Height Wrist circumference Body type
Below 157 cm
(62 inches)
Less than 14 cm. Small
14.0 - 14.5 cm. Medium
Greater than 14.5 cm. Big
From 157 - 165 cm
(62 - 65 inches)
Less than 15 cm. Small
15 - 16 cm. Medium
Greater than 16.0 cm. Big
Over 165 cm
(65 inches)
Less than 16cm. Small
16 - 16.5 cm. Medium
Greater than 16.5 cm. Big
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