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Inch ounces to Calories (Thermochemical) formula

Calories (Thermochemical) to Inch ounces formula

Inch ounces to Calories (Thermochemical) Conversion Table

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in-oz calth in-oz calth in-oz calth in-oz calth
1 0.0016877390057361 26 0.04388121414914 51 0.086074689292543 76 0.12826816443595
2 0.0033754780114723 27 0.045568953154876 52 0.087762428298279 77 0.12995590344168
3 0.0050632170172084 28 0.047256692160612 53 0.089450167304015 78 0.13164364244742
4 0.0067509560229446 29 0.048944431166348 54 0.091137906309751 79 0.13333138145315
5 0.0084386950286807 30 0.050632170172084 55 0.092825645315488 80 0.13501912045889
6 0.010126434034417 31 0.05231990917782 56 0.094513384321224 81 0.13670685946463
7 0.011814173040153 32 0.054007648183556 57 0.09620112332696 82 0.13839459847036
8 0.013501912045889 33 0.055695387189293 58 0.097888862332696 83 0.1400823374761
9 0.015189651051625 34 0.057383126195029 59 0.099576601338432 84 0.14177007648184
10 0.016877390057361 35 0.059070865200765 60 0.10126434034417 85 0.14345781548757
11 0.018565129063098 36 0.060758604206501 61 0.1029520793499 86 0.14514555449331
12 0.020252868068834 37 0.062446343212237 62 0.10463981835564 87 0.14683329349904
13 0.02194060707457 38 0.064134082217973 63 0.10632755736138 88 0.14852103250478
14 0.023628346080306 39 0.065821821223709 64 0.10801529636711 89 0.15020877151052
15 0.025316085086042 40 0.067509560229446 65 0.10970303537285 90 0.15189651051625
16 0.027003824091778 41 0.069197299235182 66 0.11139077437859 91 0.15358424952199
17 0.028691563097514 42 0.070885038240918 67 0.11307851338432 92 0.15527198852772
18 0.03037930210325 43 0.072572777246654 68 0.11476625239006 93 0.15695972753346
19 0.032067041108987 44 0.07426051625239 69 0.11645399139579 94 0.1586474665392
20 0.033754780114723 45 0.075948255258126 70 0.11814173040153 95 0.16033520554493
21 0.035442519120459 46 0.077635994263862 71 0.11982946940727 96 0.16202294455067
22 0.037130258126195 47 0.079323733269598 72 0.121517208413 97 0.16371068355641
23 0.038817997131931 48 0.081011472275335 73 0.12320494741874 98 0.16539842256214
24 0.040505736137667 49 0.082699211281071 74 0.12489268642447 99 0.16708616156788
25 0.042193475143403 50 0.084386950286807 75 0.12658042543021 100 0.16877390057361

  • Calorie (Thermochemical) (4.19 J)
    A calorie is a unit of energy. Various definitions exist but fall into two broad categories. The first, the small calorie, or gram calorie (symbol: cal), is defined as the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree Celsius at a pressure of one atmosphere. The second, the large calorie or kilogram calorie (symbols: Cal, kcal), also known as the food calorie and similar names, is defined in terms of the kilogram rather than the gram. It is equal to 1000 small calories or 1 kilocalorie (symbol: kcal). In other scientific contexts, the term calorie almost always refers to the small calorie. Even though it is not an SI unit, it is still used in chemistry. For example, the energy released in a chemical reaction per mole of reagent is occasionally expressed in kilocalories per mole. Typically, this use was largely due to the ease with which it could be calculated in laboratory reactions, especially in aqueous solution: a volume of reagent dissolved in water forming a solution, with concentration expressed in moles per liter (1 liter weighing 1 kg), will induce a temperature change in degrees Celsius in the total volume of water solvent, and these quantities (volume, molar concentration and temperature change) can then be used to calculate energy per mole. It is also occasionally used to specify energy quantities that relate to reaction energy, such as enthalpy of formation and the size of activation barriers. However, its use is being superseded by the SI unit, the joule, and multiples thereof such as the kilojoule.
  • Inch ounce (0.0071 J)
    A unit of work equal to the work done in raising one ounce against the force of gravity through a distance of one inch.
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