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Inch ounces to Kilogram calories formula

Kilogram calories to Inch ounces formula

Inch ounces to Kilogram calories Conversion Table

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in-oz Kgcal in-oz Kgcal in-oz Kgcal in-oz Kgcal
1 1.6870132352239E-6 26 4.386234411582E-5 51 8.6037674996416E-5 76 0.00012821300587701
2 3.3740264704477E-6 27 4.5549357351044E-5 52 8.772468823164E-5 77 0.00012990001911224
3 5.0610397056716E-6 28 4.7236370586268E-5 53 8.9411701466864E-5 78 0.00013158703234746
4 6.7480529408954E-6 29 4.8923383821492E-5 54 9.1098714702088E-5 79 0.00013327404558268
5 8.4350661761193E-6 30 5.0610397056716E-5 55 9.2785727937312E-5 80 0.00013496105881791
6 1.0122079411343E-5 31 5.2297410291939E-5 56 9.4472741172536E-5 81 0.00013664807205313
7 1.1809092646567E-5 32 5.3984423527163E-5 57 9.615975440776E-5 82 0.00013833508528836
8 1.3496105881791E-5 33 5.5671436762387E-5 58 9.7846767642983E-5 83 0.00014002209852358
9 1.5183119117015E-5 34 5.7358449997611E-5 59 9.9533780878207E-5 84 0.0001417091117588
10 1.6870132352239E-5 35 5.9045463232835E-5 60 0.00010122079411343 85 0.00014339612499403
11 1.8557145587462E-5 36 6.0732476468059E-5 61 0.00010290780734865 86 0.00014508313822925
12 2.0244158822686E-5 37 6.2419489703283E-5 62 0.00010459482058388 87 0.00014677015146448
13 2.193117205791E-5 38 6.4106502938506E-5 63 0.0001062818338191 88 0.0001484571646997
14 2.3618185293134E-5 39 6.579351617373E-5 64 0.00010796884705433 89 0.00015014417793492
15 2.5305198528358E-5 40 6.7480529408954E-5 65 0.00010965586028955 90 0.00015183119117015
16 2.6992211763582E-5 41 6.9167542644178E-5 66 0.00011134287352477 91 0.00015351820440537
17 2.8679224998805E-5 42 7.0854555879402E-5 67 0.00011302988676 92 0.00015520521764059
18 3.0366238234029E-5 43 7.2541569114626E-5 68 0.00011471689999522 93 0.00015689223087582
19 3.2053251469253E-5 44 7.4228582349849E-5 69 0.00011640391323045 94 0.00015857924411104
20 3.3740264704477E-5 45 7.5915595585073E-5 70 0.00011809092646567 95 0.00016026625734627
21 3.5427277939701E-5 46 7.7602608820297E-5 71 0.00011977793970089 96 0.00016195327058149
22 3.7114291174925E-5 47 7.9289622055521E-5 72 0.00012146495293612 97 0.00016364028381671
23 3.8801304410149E-5 48 8.0976635290745E-5 73 0.00012315196617134 98 0.00016532729705194
24 4.0488317645372E-5 49 8.2663648525969E-5 74 0.00012483897940657 99 0.00016701431028716
25 4.2175330880596E-5 50 8.4350661761193E-5 75 0.00012652599264179 100 0.00016870132352239

  • Kilogram calorie (4,185 J)
    A calorie is a unit of energy. Various definitions exist but fall into two broad categories. The first, the small calorie, or gram calorie (symbol: cal), is defined as the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree Celsius at a pressure of one atmosphere. The second, the large calorie or kilogram calorie (symbols: Cal, kcal), also known as the food calorie and similar names, is defined in terms of the kilogram rather than the gram. It is equal to 1000 small calories or 1 kilocalorie (symbol: kcal).
  • Inch ounce (0.0071 J)
    A unit of work equal to the work done in raising one ounce against the force of gravity through a distance of one inch.
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