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Foot pounds to Dekatherms formula

Dekatherms to Foot pounds formula

Foot pounds to Dekatherms Conversion Table

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ft-lb dath ft-lb dath ft-lb dath ft-lb dath
1 1.2850660201297E-9 26 3.3411716523373E-8 51 6.5538367026616E-8 76 9.7665017529859E-8
2 2.5701320402594E-9 27 3.4696782543502E-8 52 6.6823433046745E-8 77 9.8950083549988E-8
3 3.8551980603892E-9 28 3.5981848563632E-8 53 6.8108499066875E-8 78 1.0023514957012E-7
4 5.1402640805189E-9 29 3.7266914583762E-8 54 6.9393565087005E-8 79 1.0152021559025E-7
5 6.4253301006486E-9 30 3.8551980603892E-8 55 7.0678631107134E-8 80 1.0280528161038E-7
6 7.7103961207783E-9 31 3.9837046624021E-8 56 7.1963697127264E-8 81 1.0409034763051E-7
7 8.995462140908E-9 32 4.1122112644151E-8 57 7.3248763147394E-8 82 1.0537541365064E-7
8 1.0280528161038E-8 33 4.2407178664281E-8 58 7.4533829167524E-8 83 1.0666047967077E-7
9 1.1565594181167E-8 34 4.369224468441E-8 59 7.5818895187653E-8 84 1.079455456909E-7
10 1.2850660201297E-8 35 4.497731070454E-8 60 7.7103961207783E-8 85 1.0923061171103E-7
11 1.4135726221427E-8 36 4.626237672467E-8 61 7.8389027227913E-8 86 1.1051567773116E-7
12 1.5420792241557E-8 37 4.75474427448E-8 62 7.9674093248043E-8 87 1.1180074375129E-7
13 1.6705858261686E-8 38 4.8832508764929E-8 63 8.0959159268172E-8 88 1.1308580977142E-7
14 1.7990924281816E-8 39 5.0117574785059E-8 64 8.2244225288302E-8 89 1.1437087579154E-7
15 1.9275990301946E-8 40 5.1402640805189E-8 65 8.3529291308432E-8 90 1.1565594181167E-7
16 2.0561056322075E-8 41 5.2687706825318E-8 66 8.4814357328561E-8 91 1.169410078318E-7
17 2.1846122342205E-8 42 5.3972772845448E-8 67 8.6099423348691E-8 92 1.1822607385193E-7
18 2.3131188362335E-8 43 5.5257838865578E-8 68 8.7384489368821E-8 93 1.1951113987206E-7
19 2.4416254382465E-8 44 5.6542904885708E-8 69 8.8669555388951E-8 94 1.2079620589219E-7
20 2.5701320402594E-8 45 5.7827970905837E-8 70 8.995462140908E-8 95 1.2208127191232E-7
21 2.6986386422724E-8 46 5.9113036925967E-8 71 9.123968742921E-8 96 1.2336633793245E-7
22 2.8271452442854E-8 47 6.0398102946097E-8 72 9.252475344934E-8 97 1.2465140395258E-7
23 2.9556518462984E-8 48 6.1683168966226E-8 73 9.3809819469469E-8 98 1.2593646997271E-7
24 3.0841584483113E-8 49 6.2968234986356E-8 74 9.5094885489599E-8 99 1.2722153599284E-7
25 3.2126650503243E-8 50 6.4253301006486E-8 75 9.6379951509729E-8 100 1.2850660201297E-7

  • Dekatherm (1,055,057,000 J)
    A dekatherm (dth) is a unit of energy used primarily to measure natural gas, developed in about 1972 by the Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation, a natural gas pipeline company. It is equal to 10 therms or 1,000,000 British thermal units (MMBtu) or 1.055 GJ. It is also approximately equal to one thousand cubic feet (Mcf) of natural gas or exactly one Mcf of natural gas with a heating value of 1000 Btu/cf.
  • Foot pound (1.36 J)
    The foot pound-force (symbol: ft⋅lbf or ft⋅lb) is a unit of work or energy in the Engineering and Gravitational Systems in United States customary and imperial units of measure. It is the energy transferred upon applying a force of one pound-force (lbf) through a linear displacement of one foot. The corresponding SI unit is the joule. The foot-pound is often used to specify the muzzle energy of a bullet in small arms ballistics, particularly in the United States.
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