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Therms to Ergs formula

Ergs to Therms formula

Therms to Ergs Conversion Table

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thm erg thm erg thm erg thm erg
1 1.055056E+15 26 2.7431456E+16 51 5.3807856E+16 76 8.0184256E+16
2 2.110112E+15 27 2.8486512E+16 52 5.4862912E+16 77 8.1239312E+16
3 3.165168E+15 28 2.9541568E+16 53 5.5917968E+16 78 8.2294368E+16
4 4.220224E+15 29 3.0596624E+16 54 5.6973024E+16 79 8.3349424E+16
5 5.27528E+15 30 3.165168E+16 55 5.802808E+16 80 8.440448E+16
6 6.330336E+15 31 3.2706736E+16 56 5.9083136E+16 81 8.5459536E+16
7 7.385392E+15 32 3.3761792E+16 57 6.0138192E+16 82 8.6514592E+16
8 8.440448E+15 33 3.4816848E+16 58 6.1193248E+16 83 8.7569648E+16
9 9.495504E+15 34 3.5871904E+16 59 6.2248304E+16 84 8.8624704E+16
10 1.055056E+16 35 3.692696E+16 60 6.330336E+16 85 8.967976E+16
11 1.1605616E+16 36 3.7982016E+16 61 6.4358416E+16 86 9.0734816E+16
12 1.2660672E+16 37 3.9037072E+16 62 6.5413472E+16 87 9.1789872E+16
13 1.3715728E+16 38 4.0092128E+16 63 6.6468528E+16 88 9.2844928E+16
14 1.4770784E+16 39 4.1147184E+16 64 6.7523584E+16 89 9.3899984E+16
15 1.582584E+16 40 4.220224E+16 65 6.857864E+16 90 9.495504E+16
16 1.6880896E+16 41 4.3257296E+16 66 6.9633696E+16 91 9.6010096E+16
17 1.7935952E+16 42 4.4312352E+16 67 7.0688752E+16 92 9.7065152E+16
18 1.8991008E+16 43 4.5367408E+16 68 7.1743808E+16 93 9.8120208E+16
19 2.0046064E+16 44 4.6422464E+16 69 7.2798864E+16 94 9.9175264E+16
20 2.110112E+16 45 4.747752E+16 70 7.385392E+16 95 1.0023032E+17
21 2.2156176E+16 46 4.8532576E+16 71 7.4908976E+16 96 1.01285376E+17
22 2.3211232E+16 47 4.9587632E+16 72 7.5964032E+16 97 1.02340432E+17
23 2.4266288E+16 48 5.0642688E+16 73 7.7019088E+16 98 1.03395488E+17
24 2.5321344E+16 49 5.1697744E+16 74 7.8074144E+16 99 1.04450544E+17
25 2.63764E+16 50 5.27528E+16 75 7.91292E+16 100 1.055056E+17

  • Therm (105,505,600 J)
    Not to be confused with Thermies unit. The therm (symbol, thm) is a non-SI unit of heat energy equal to 100,000 British thermal units (Btu). It is approximately the energy equivalent of burning 100 cubic feet (2.83 cubic metres) – often referred to as 1 CCF – of natural gas. Since natural gas meters measure volume and not energy content, a therm factor is used by natural gas companies to convert the volume of gas used to its heat equivalent, and thus calculate the actual energy use. The therm factor is usually expressed in units of therms per CCF. It will vary with the mix of hydrocarbons in the natural gas. Natural gas with a higher than average concentration of ethane, propane or butane will have a higher therm factor. Impurities, such as carbon dioxide or nitrogen, lower the therm factor. One therm is equal to about 105.5 megajoules, 25200 kilocalories, or 29.3 kilowatt-hours. One therm can also be provided by about 96.7 cubic feet (2.74 m3) of natural gas. The therm sometimes has been confused with the thermie. The names of both units come from the Greek word for heat.
  • Erg (0.0000001 J)
    The erg is a unit of energy and work equal to 10⁻⁷ joules. It originated in the centimetre–gram–second (CGS) system of units. It has the symbol erg. The erg is not an SI unit. Its name is derived from ergon (’έργον) a Greek word meaning work or task. An erg is the amount of work done by a force of one dyne exerted for a distance of one centimeter. In the CGS base units, it is equal to one gram centimeter-squared per second-squared (g·cm2/s2). It is thus equal to 10−7 joules or 100 nanojoules (nJ) in SI units. An erg is approximately the amount of work done (or energy consumed) by one common house fly performing one "push up," the leg-bending dip that brings its mouth to the surface on which it stands and back up.
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