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Therms to Newton meters formula

Newton meters to Therms formula

Therms to Newton meters Conversion Table

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thm Nm thm Nm thm Nm thm Nm
1 105505600 26 2743145600 51 5380785600 76 8018425600
2 211011200 27 2848651200 52 5486291200 77 8123931200
3 316516800 28 2954156800 53 5591796800 78 8229436800
4 422022400 29 3059662400 54 5697302400 79 8334942400
5 527528000 30 3165168000 55 5802808000 80 8440448000
6 633033600 31 3270673600 56 5908313600 81 8545953600
7 738539200 32 3376179200 57 6013819200 82 8651459200
8 844044800 33 3481684800 58 6119324800 83 8756964800
9 949550400 34 3587190400 59 6224830400 84 8862470400
10 1055056000 35 3692696000 60 6330336000 85 8967976000
11 1160561600 36 3798201600 61 6435841600 86 9073481600
12 1266067200 37 3903707200 62 6541347200 87 9178987200
13 1371572800 38 4009212800 63 6646852800 88 9284492800
14 1477078400 39 4114718400 64 6752358400 89 9389998400
15 1582584000 40 4220224000 65 6857864000 90 9495504000
16 1688089600 41 4325729600 66 6963369600 91 9601009600
17 1793595200 42 4431235200 67 7068875200 92 9706515200
18 1899100800 43 4536740800 68 7174380800 93 9812020800
19 2004606400 44 4642246400 69 7279886400 94 9917526400
20 2110112000 45 4747752000 70 7385392000 95 10023032000
21 2215617600 46 4853257600 71 7490897600 96 10128537600
22 2321123200 47 4958763200 72 7596403200 97 10234043200
23 2426628800 48 5064268800 73 7701908800 98 10339548800
24 2532134400 49 5169774400 74 7807414400 99 10445054400
25 2637640000 50 5275280000 75 7912920000 100 10550560000

  • Therm (105,505,600 J)
    Not to be confused with Thermies unit. The therm (symbol, thm) is a non-SI unit of heat energy equal to 100,000 British thermal units (Btu). It is approximately the energy equivalent of burning 100 cubic feet (2.83 cubic metres) – often referred to as 1 CCF – of natural gas. Since natural gas meters measure volume and not energy content, a therm factor is used by natural gas companies to convert the volume of gas used to its heat equivalent, and thus calculate the actual energy use. The therm factor is usually expressed in units of therms per CCF. It will vary with the mix of hydrocarbons in the natural gas. Natural gas with a higher than average concentration of ethane, propane or butane will have a higher therm factor. Impurities, such as carbon dioxide or nitrogen, lower the therm factor. One therm is equal to about 105.5 megajoules, 25200 kilocalories, or 29.3 kilowatt-hours. One therm can also be provided by about 96.7 cubic feet (2.74 m3) of natural gas. The therm sometimes has been confused with the thermie. The names of both units come from the Greek word for heat.
  • Newton meter (1 J)
    The newton metre (also newton-metre, symbol N m or N⋅m) is a unit of torque (also called moment) in the SI system. One newton metre is equal to the torque resulting from a force of one newton applied perpendicularly to the end of a moment arm that is one metre long. It is also used less commonly as a unit of work, or energy, in which case it is equivalent to the more common and standard SI unit of energy, the joule. In this usage the metre term represents the distance travelled or displacement in the direction of the force, and not the perpendicular distance from a fulcrum as it does when used to express torque. This usage is generally discouraged, since it can lead to confusion as to whether a given quantity expressed in newton metres is a torque or a quantity of energy. However, since torque represents energy transferred or expended per angle of revolution, one newton metre of torque is equivalent to one joule per radian.
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